At Vanguard, your well-being is our highest priority. Not only do we design our products with ease in mind, we also strive to improve your quality of life. Pro+Organ is the first of it’s kind—a clean, non-GMO whey protein with natural herbs that provide everyday support to vital organs.†


We only use natural ingredients, flavors, and sweeteners. We’re GMP certified which means our manufacturer is monitored by the FDA and adheres to strict guidelines for cleanliness and safety.

Definitely a product I highly recommend! Finally a protein powder that is beneficial to your health and taste delicious. I make shakes with it and mix it into hot oatmeal! Oatmeal tastes great and I get my daily dose of herbs to optimize my health!

Amy Sylvetsky

Hands down the best tasting protein shake on the market...and I’ve tried a LOT! Plus it has awesome herbs like turmeric to fight inflammation. I really do my best to eat foods that maximize my genetic potential and this product totally meets that criteria....tastes great and has awesome ingredients!

Christopher Fauteux

Tastes good and its good for u! Hands down my favorite protein.

Carolina Alvarez

I have tried both the Vanilla and the Chocolate. Both are very good and with no after taste that I have experienced with other supplements. I mix it with just water and its incredibly rich tasting. Have also added frozen fruit and it makes it thick like a shake. I love the fact that its all natural with no artificial flavors or sweeteners and has beneficial herbs. Will definitely make this a regular part of my daily routine.

Roxane Berglund

DELICIOUS! That is always the start for me because I don’t eat or drink anything I don’t really like!

BOTTOM LINE: One delicious drink that has everything that science has found can support and improve my health! Thank you Vanguard Pro+Organ! 

Sherrie Lang


If you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, let us know. We will promptly replace the item or refund you the purchase price. Simply include the reason for return with your name, email address, and phone number (so we may call you with questions) and send the package to the address on your shipping label.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We’re GMP certified

Which means our manufacturer is monitored by the FDA and adheres to strict guidelines for cleanliness and safety. Learn more...